Alejandra Bronfman

Professor, Department of Latin American, Caribbean, and Latina/o Studies

University at Albany, SUNY

Puerto Rico Map from Robert Dudley’s Dell’arcano del mare (The Secret of the Sea), 1647

Cultural historian of the Caribbean with research interests in the production of knowledge, racialization and technology's role in the amplification of marginalized voices. Listening and collaboration guide my work with students, colleagues and researchers.

talks and events

Spring 2023

Roundtable on Radio and Decolonization

Radio Preservation Task Force Conference

Washington DC

April 2023

"Libros/Arte: A Collaboration with the Library, Archive and Art Museum"

Latin American Studies Association

Vancouver, BC

May 2023

"Coral Stories"

XI Simposio de la Sociedad Latinoamericana y Caribeña de Historia Ambiental (SOLCHA)

June 2023

Fall 2022

"Littoral Listening, Empire and Remediation"

Society for Ethnomusicology

New Orleans

November 2022

Colloquium Series, Department of Music

University of Pennsylvania

November 2022

"Littoral Media"

Caribbean Sound Studies Series

Princeton University

September 2022

Summer 2022

"Citizen-Artists and Anti-Military Designs in Puerto Rico"

Caribbean Studies Association

May 2022

"Towards a media history of post-military ruination in Vieques and Culebra Puerto Rico"

Global Media: Sound, Image, Materiality

Queens’ College, Cambridge University

June 2022