Currently accepting MA and PhD students interested in Caribbean history, media history, race and the production of knowledge, and environmental justice.



Global Commodities (World History 105)

History of Media (World History 105)

History of Latin America

Modern Caribbean History

Race in the Americas

Gender and Sexuality in Latin America and the Caribbean

History of Cuba

Honors Seminar on History of the Media

Seminar on Revolution and Memory in Latin America and the Caribbean

Seminar on Cultures of US Imperialism

Theory and Practice of History

Caribbean: People, History, Culture

Media and Politics in Latin America and the Caribbean


PhD and MA Research Seminar

Readings in Race and Ethnicity

Readings in Latin American History

Transnational and Global Histories

Directed readings in History of Media, Caribbean History

Methods course

Latino/a Health, Inequality and Wellness

Seminar on the Caribbean

LACS Cultural Theory Seminar