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Recent Articles

*"Glittery: The Entangled Histories of Radio, Mica and Female and Child Labor” in Alexandrine Boudreault-Fournier and Kyle Devine, eds, Audible Infrastructures: Music, Sound, Media Oxford University Press, 2021.

*“Listeners in Revolution: Radio Wars from Havana, 1959” Cuban Studies, #50, 2021.

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In progress:

Remediated Islands: Sound and Power in Puerto Rico

"'Learning was absent under conditions of noise': Science, Sound and the Colonial State"

“Radio and Decolonization in the Caribbean”

The Routledge Companion to Radio Studies.

“Face à l’Opinion: Echoes of Impunity in Argentina and Haiti”

Global South

“’Grappling all Day’: Towards an Environmental and Labor History of the Telegraph” essay prepared for Acoustics of Empire Working Group, Meetings at Harvard University and University of Cambridge, UK (Spring 2018, December 2018).